Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stop Kimkins Now!

Here I've gathered and maintain all of the Anti-Kimkins links, blogs, websites, news stories, and more. All of the information you'll need to find out the truth about Heidi Diaz, otherwise known as Kimmer, and her fraudulent, dangerous diet known as Kimkins. Please visit this page daily to get the latest news about our mission to stop Kimkins and put Heidi Diaz behind bars, where she belongs! Please help us keep this site updated by contributing information about other anti-kimkins spots on the web, or if you hear of any other news that we should share, please let us know!

2big4mysize, stepping up to the plate
3 Fat Chicks: Anatomy of a Diet Scam, an unbiased review of this life-threatening diet
A Mama’s Heart, the Kimkins debaucle
A Pinch Of, this diet blog takes a shot at Kimkins
A Running Jewel, takes a look at all of the dangers of Kimkins Inside Kimkins, read why gives Kimkins the thumbs WAY DOWN!
All About Kimkins & More, a collection of Kimkins links
Anti-Kimkins blog, tells you how to take action
Back Across the Line, the Kimkins saga revisited
Back Across The Line: Kimkins Cult Mentality
Borat Does Kimkins: Hello From Borat!
Brittney Gilbert, Heard of the Kimkins Diet?
Cindy's Low Carb Life, a look at survivors of Kimkins
Class Action Lawsuit against Kimkins - join now!
Doggy Girl, Beware of Kimkins
Drive Thru Only - Friends don't let friends do Kimkins
Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen, thoughts on the Kimkins drama
Free Kimkins Free, don't pay for Kimkins, read it here free and see why you don't want it!
Good Carbma, Words for Heidi Diaz
Healthy Low-Carb Living Blog: Kimkins - How I Feel About It Now
Hundred Day Head Start, Kimkins is a fraud
It's Cloudy In Here, helping spread the truth about Kimkins
Jersey Girl, gives her thoughts on Kimkins
Kimkins Circus, commentary on the Kimkins debaucle
Kimkins Controversy, a collection of Kimmer facts
Kimkins Dangers, warnings about Kimkins
Kimkins Exposed, Ducky Rules as Kimkins Exposed pulls the covers off of this con woman
Kimkins Fraud, Beware: Kimkins Diet is Dangerous!!: Just Say NO
Kimkins Lies, let's look at all of them!
Kimkins Nightmares, my Kimkins Journey
Kimkins Scam, Keeping track of the Kimkins scam
Kimkins Sucks! Read this and find out why!
Kimkins Survivors, a touching collection of horror stories from people who were harmed by the Kimkins diet - bring your tissues!
Kimorexia, answers the question, does Kimkins cause eating disorders?
Kkatastrophediet’s Weblog, the Kimkins diet is a catastrophe waiting to happen!
Kudos for Low Carb, and jeers for Kimkins
Last Atkins Dieter, thin at any cost?
Livin' La Vida Loca, Read what forced Jimmy Moore to turn his back on Kimkins
Living Low Carb & Lovin’ It!: What an Amazing Day This Has Been!
Low Carb Transformation, The Road to Clarity and Transformation: The Kimmer (Kimkins) Controversy and a Parallel Universe
Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Anorexic, a well written news article about eating disorders
Mariasol, Diet Guru?
Medusa, the deadly Kimkins diet
Melting Mama: about the Kimkins scam
Meredith Curry, Because I Said So
Nicole W., A Dumbbell In A Home Gym: Kimkins: Caveat Freakin’ Emptor
Once Upon A Diet, the Princess takes a stab at Kimkins
Open Bench, Another behind the scenes look from Deni, a former Kimkins supporter
Pretty Paula, Banished…oh Fo’ Shame! Not
Psychic Rations: The Slimmer Kimmer That Wasn't
Random Thoughts, Twisted Threads, random thoughts on the Kimkins diet
Run, Fat Ass, Run! Someone in Southern California may need an attorney soon
She is Sparkling, a new safe haven
Shrinking Ladies, Have you ever screamed so loud that the room echoed?
Slamboard, the facts behind Kimkins company from her former business partner
Tami's Health, a change in the game plan
That's Fit, Inside the Kimkins Controversy
The Final Escape, another banned member speaks out!
The Journey, Christin, the Women's World's success story tells the TRUTH about Kimkins
The Quack of Doom: Entering the Kimkins circus
TRUTH Starts Here, best tagline ever: Heidi is hiding from the truth, The TRUTH is hiding from Heidi!
Vickie’s Voice: More of my story…
Vilma’s World, Kimkins and other complaints
Weight Loss Families, the problem with Kimkins
Willa's Notebook, Keeping track of this disaster
Winning Weight, Becky, a former admin speaks out

Listed below are Low Carb Discussion forums where you can join, ask questions, and participate in lively dialogue about low carb diets and also find out more information about Kimkins - from the survivors themselves!

Active Low Carber
Eating Low with Amy
Low Carb Discussion
Low Carbo Nostra